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Any Level

2 Hour

​Creative Photo Session

  • Dive into the world of creative underwater freedive photography with our exciting 2-hour session. It's all about blending the thrill of freediving with the art of photography in a unique way. We'll be exploring one fantastic location, but where we go will depend on the conditions of the day. You'll get 10 photos from our session. It's a condensed adventure full of imagination and underwater exploration, and it's the ultimate way to have a blast beneath the waves!

  • We have ​many location options to choose from, but where we go will mainly depend on the conditions of the day, but also on your skill level. If you're interested in photos near shipwrecks, I highly suggest at least passing my AIDA 2 course first. You can find the link to that below!

AIDA 1+2

Freediver pulls himself deeper underwater using a rope guide


  • Must be able to swim.

  • Can speak English

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