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 2 Hour 

​Private Training Session

  • The main focus in our private training session course is safety, quality and fun. We will teach you how to achieve the freedive course goals in a comfortable and relaxed manner. You will be amazed how fast you will progress and what you can achieve with your body and mind. Freediving is all about relaxation and trust: we take the time for you to learn and experience freediving in your own pace.

  • Private training sessions are primarily for those interested in improving their depth diving. If there is a different type of apnea you would like to train with me, please just let me know!

  • The training session is 2 hours in length. it is held at the Ala Wai harbor in Waikiki. The exact location is sent in the confirmation email when you book!

Freediver pulls himself down a line underwater


  • Be 18 years of age or older (16 or 17 years old with parent or guardian consent)

  • Can swim at least 200m non-stop without fins or at least 300m non-stop with mask, fins and snorkel

  • Can speak and read English

  • Knowledge development 

  • Equalisation techniques & rescue skills

  • Breathing & Freediving techniques

Freedive gear:

  • I can provide all students with masks/snorkel - short fins - and weight belt. Im unable to rent my students wetsuits. The confirmation email lists a place that is convenient to rent from. 

Consider our AIDA 3 course if you have already completed a beginner Freedive certification. AIDA 3 is a 3 day advanced course that teaches to be comfortable at up to 30m(100 feet).

Learn more about AIDA 3 here!

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